Deadly Effects of Hypertension You Should know

Hypertension is also called high blood pressure is a common and dangerous health problem in the whole world. Hypertension leads to other severe potential health conditions hence it is considered as life threatening and dangerous.

Causes of hypertension are smoking, poor diet, lack of nutrients, drug use, side effects of medications and pills and lack of exercises. Here are some of the common complications associated with hypertension.


A stroke is caused by depriving a particular part of the brain with oxygen and nutrients; that resultsxsfcxssf in the death of previous healthy cells. Hypertension weakens the brain’s blood vessels leading them to narrow or even rupture leading to a stroke. Hypertension also causes a stroke as it leads to the formation of blood clots in the arteries resulting in the brain, this results in the brain not to get enough nutrients and oxygen.

Heart Disease

Cardiovascular or heart disease is also a common side effect of high blood pressure. Hypertension can lead to some irregularities in the heart; the heart’s function is to pump blood to the body. Hypertension leads to lack of blood to be transported to the heart which leads to a heart attack, chest pain, and irregular heartbeats.  Hypertension causes enlargement of the left side of the heart, as the left ventricle becomes thickened and stiff which affects its ability to pump blood.

Eye Disease

Hypertension also affects the eyes because it leads to damage of the tiny blood vessels in the eyes. It results to retinopathy; this is a condition that leads to loss of vision, blurred vision and bleeding in the eyes. Hypertension may also damage the optic nerves in the eye.

Kidney Disease

sfcfccfcfcKidneys function as filters for our blood; they keep us healthy by filtering out impurities. Hypertension causes the kidneys to work twice as much as they do in filtering blood that flows in larger volumes at a much faster rate that results in them becoming worn down. This leads to shutting down completely or kidney failure over time.


Hypertension exasperates side effects associated with diabetes, but it is not the primary cause of diabetes. Example diabetes weakens and puts arteries at a risk of being damaged. Factoring hypertension as well, the already weakened arteries from diabetes cannot cope, resulting in the hardening of the arteries. Another side effect associated with hypertension and diabetics are the hardening of the arteries.