Bad Bedtime Habits You Should Avoid

It is advisable for everyone to sleep for at least eight hours a night. But we do not get enough amount of sleep due to some reasons. These are some of the things that should be avoided for you to get a good night sleep.

Stop Drinking Water

Water helps to keep all the significant body activities function well and also retains all  the  bodysfcfscsfc joints well lubricated, so it is very necessary for us to take water. Water also helps in the movement of feces or body waste out of the body. You will surely have to get up in the middle of the night if you drink water before going to sleep to go to the washroom, and it will happen more than once. Hence it will disrupt your sleep throughout the whole night.

Avoid Day Sleep

Please do not sleep during the day. It is strictly prohibited to sleep during the day. The reason for this is because if you fall asleep in the day, it will be difficult for you get to bed early in the night or leads to sleepless nights.

Avoid Laptops And Mobiles

Try not to use your laptop or mobile phone just before going to bed to sleep. It is also advisable not to carry these things to bed as they will result to you sleeping late or lack of sleep.

Dinner Schedule

It is important to have your dinner promptly so as to avoid the late night dinners. Try to have your dinner two to three hours before going to your bed. Having a late night dinner will disrupt your proper sleeping pattern and is unhealthy.


Coffee makes a person alert as it has high caffeine content in it. So if you drink it before retiring to the bed, it may drive your sleep away making you stay awake for a longer time at night. Caffeine will make you active and feel energized to the extent of losing your sleep, so just avoid taking coffee before going to bed.

Bedtime Routine

sxgfxscfcTry to set your bedtime routine. Your body will have a proper amount of sleep at night if you have bedtime routine you are used to. You will have enough and good night sleep if you practice this daily.

Favorite Position For Sleeping

Having an ideal sleeping pattern is good. You may lack sleep at night if you use a wrong sleeping pattern.